The Guitar Grimoire: The Exercise Book - Parts Three & Four

Adam Kadmon (composer)


  • Guitar
Methods and Studies
Carl Fischer Music's best-selling Guitar Grimoire series from Adam Kadmon has swept away all others in the world of guitar and bass pedagogy, and the new pocket-size edition makes it easier than ever for players to consult its wealth of information on the go. The new Carl Fischer Case Book Series now features guitar case-sized versions containing the complete contents of the original, but have been rearranged and condensed to a more gig bag friendly size. These volumes are simply essential for guitar players, containing complete scales and modes along with thousands of diagrams, charts, and graphs; a professional reference for years of use. "Why study from an imitator when you can learn from the innovator?"
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Part Three: Chord Run Excercises
F Major run
C# Major Run
Minor 7th Runs
Dominant 7th Runs
Dominant 9th Runs
Diminished 7th Runs
Part Four: Chromatic Exercises
The Chromatic Exercises
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