Introduction and Allegro

for Harp with Accompaniment of String Quartet. Flute, and Clarinet

Maurice Ravel (composer), Carl Swanson (editor)


  • Harp


This critical edition of Ravel's Introduction and Allegro has been carefully prepared by Carl Swanson. The preface includes historical and performance information on the piece, including a comparison of the separate parts of all seven instruments to the full score with a list of corrections for each instrument. It has been published the way that it is actually played, making it clear to read and consistent with Ravel's music and musical intent.
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Dedication: There are three people whose contributions to this edition were invaluable. Kathleen Bride, Professor of Harp at the Eastman School of Music, very graciously provided me with Grandjany’s fingerings, as well as his metronome markings. She also provided me with Grandjany’s cadenza insert, about which I was unaware, and which had been sanctioned by Ravel. David Watkins, for allowing me to quote extensively from his excellent article on the Introduction and Allegro, and for making me aware of other solutions to problematic passages. Elizabeth Huntley, the former editor of The American Harp Journal as well as a very fine harpist, provided much needed organizational advice and editing concerning the text in this edition. Dedicated to Albert Blondel
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