Mother Goose

Five Children’s Pieces

Solo Harp

Maurice Ravel (composer), Carl Swanson (transcriber)


  • Harp


Maurice Ravel's Mother Goose is arguably one of the most well-known and well-loved of Ravel's works. Whether one encounters it first in its original iteration for piano, four hands, or in the sweeping orchestra transcription, Mother Goose leaves an impression that isn't soon forgotten. The pieces are short, simple, and descriptive, but are nonetheless ravishing, and beautifully showcase Ravel’s genius and compositional skills. Now for the first time, the entire work has been transcribed for solo harp by harpist Carl Swanson. Each of the original five movements has been carefully edited, making the pieces playable on solo harp, while keeping the spirit that Ravel intended. Here is a valuable addition to the harp repertoire by one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, Maurice Ravel.
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