Developing Rock Grooves

Sandy Feldstein (composer)


  • Drum Set
Methods and Studies
"Hip Pockets" books measure just 4.25" wide by 11" high--the perfect size to take with you wherever you go! Developing Rock Grooves is designed to help drummers learn to play rock grooves all around the drum set and rhythmic variations in rock time using all the limbs. By isolating hands and feet for each rhythm, independence of the limbs is developed. The exercises will give the player the technical facility and freedom to hear a "groove" and play it. By not worrying about technique the drummer can concentrate on making the correct musical decisions in real-time playing situations. The book includes hip grooves for playing on gigs and limitless ideas for groove variations. Author Sandy Feldstein has drawn on his wealth of knowledge in the business end of music publishing and his vast playing and music education experience to design a hip pocket book that will make the performing life of the practicing drummer playing current pop music much easier.
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Groove Variations -
Groove Variations -
Groove Variations -
Adding the Open(o) & Closed(+) Hi-hat
More o & + Hi-hat
With Hi-hat in Straight 8ths,
With Hi-hat in Straight 8ths,
o & + Hi-hat in Straight 8ths
More o & + Hi-hat in Straight 8ths
Combining the Exercises
Lining up the Limbs
Combining o & + Hi-Hat, in Straight 8ths,
Combining o & + Hi-Hat, in Straight 8ths,
Variations Unlimited
Combining Limbs on the Groove Variations
More Combining Limbs on the Groove Variations
Adding Hi-Hat, in Straight 8ths,
Hip Grooves for the Gig
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