Developing Rock Drum Fills

Seth Goldberg (composer), Seth Goldberg (lyricist)


  • Drum Set
Methods and Studies
"Hip Pockets" books measure just 4.25" wide by 11" high--the perfect size to take with you wherever you go! The third of the Hip Pockets Books, Developing Rock Drum Fills was designed to progressively develop the drummer's ability to play creative and versatile drum fills. Starting with one beat fills and ending with four beat fills, the player learns to adapt to and conquer all musical situations. Mastery of the material in this book will enhance drum set coordination between hands and feet, prepare the player for a wide variety of gig situations and aid the drummer in creatively helping the band make transitions from one section of a song to another. Seth Goldberg has performed professionally throughout the Northeast. Based in New York City, he continues to be in demand as a top session player for all contemporary musical styles, including jazz, funk and all varieties of rock.
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Drum Key
Helpful Hints
1 Beat Fills- Snare Drum
1 Beat Fills- Tom-Tom
1 Beat Fills- Floor-Tom
1 Beat Fills- Combinations
Adding the Crash Cymbal
1 1/2 Beat Fills- Snare Drum
1 1/2 Beat Fills- Tom-Tom
1 1/2 Beat Fills- Floor-Tom
1 1/2 Beat Fills- Combinations
Adding the Accent
2 Beat Fills- Snare Drum
2 Beat Fills- Tom-Tom
2 Beat Fills- Floor-Tom
2 Beat Fills- Combinations
Adding the Bass Drum
Adding the Ride Cymbal
2 1/2 Beat Fills- Snare Drum
2 1/2 Beat Fills- Tom-Tom
2 1/2 Beat Fills- Floor-Tom
2 1/2 Beat Fills- Combinations
Adding the Hi-Hat
3 and 3 1/2 Beat Fills
4 Beat Fills- Snare Drum
4 Beat Fills- Tom-Tom
4 Beat Fills- Floor-Tom
4 Beat Fills- Combinations
Adding Rudiments
Hip Fills for the Gig- 4 Beat Fills
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