The New Bennett Band Book

Volume 1: Twelve Classic Young-Band Marches Plus Innovative March Style Warm-up Exercises

Harold Bennett (composer), Larry Clark (arranger)
Flute, Oboe (Flute 2 (opt.)), Clarinet 2 in B, Ba...
The Bennett Band Books, published in four volumes starting in 1923, were used to teach literally millions of young band musicians in the middle of the twentieth century the march form and style. The pieces utilized in this book are: Activity, Summit, Success, Project, Courage, Mister Joe, Genius, Improvement, At Sight, Little Rastus, Laurel and Aline. These delightful marches, composed by famous march composer Henry Fillmore using the pseudonym Harold Bennett, have been given new life by arranger Larry Clark. The original essence of these marches is retained and only the instrumentation and some range issues have been altered to fit the needs of today’s developing bands. This collection includes twelve of the Bennett marches along with a helpful march warm-up section composed by Larry Clark to help you teach the march form and style to young students. There is the added benefit of a downloadable full recording of each march performed by a professional band. This is a valuable collection for any level band to use for marches at contest/festival performance or for sight-reading purposes.
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How to Use the March Warm-ups
March Warm-ups
Activity (March)
Success (March)
Summit (March)
Project (March)
Courage (March)
Mister Joe (March, One Step and Two Step)
Improvement (March)
Genius (March)
At Sight (March)
Little Rastus (March)
Laurel (March)
Aline (March)
Activity March — MP3
Success March - MP3
Summit March - MP3
Project March - MP3
Courage March - MP3
Mister Joe March, One Step and Two Step - MP3
Improvement March - MP3
Genius March - MP3
At Sight March - MP3
laurel March - MP3
Little Rastus - MP3
Aline March - MP3
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