Martin Bresnick

b. Nov 13, 1946
  1. A Message From The Emperor
    A Message From The Emperor
    Full Score (DRM137F):$26.99
    Set of Parts (DRM137M):$29.99
  2. And I Always Thought
    And I Always Thought
    Standard Binding (MXE71):$33.99
    Digital (MXE71D):$20.99
    Clarinet in A, Violin, Piano
  3. Angelus Novus
    Angelus Novus
    Full Orchestra
  4. Ants
    Solo Soprano, Solo Mezzo-Soprano, Solo Tenor, Flut...
  5. B.'s Garlands
    B.'s Garlands
    Score and Parts (BE19):Rental
    Full Score (CY3400F):$28.99
    Violoncello 1, Violoncello 2, Violoncello 3, Violo...
  6. Bag O' Tells
    Bag O' Tells
  7. BE JUST!
    BE JUST!
    Score and Parts (CY2756):$53.00
    Full Score (CY2756F):$16.99
    Clarinet in B, Piano, Percussion (Bass Drum (with...
  8. Bird As Prophet
    Bird As Prophet
    Standard Binding (B3401):$24.99
    Digital (B3401D):$24.99
    Violin, Piano
  9. Bitter Suite
    Bitter Suite
    Standard Binding (B3475):$24.99
    Violin, Piano
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