From Cleveland Orchestra Principal Trumpet
Power Your Path to Success with Michael Sachs
From Cleveland Orchestra Principal Trumpet
Power Your Path to Success with Michael Sachs

A 35-year veteran of the Cleveland Orchestra, Michael Sachs shares the inside track on how to prepare and perform orchestral excerpts. Presented in two volumes, Practice Sequences for The Orchestral Trumpet & The Orchestral Trumpet are must-haves for your trumpet library.

Practice Sequences for The Orchestral Trumpet shows each original trumpet excerpt featured in The Orchestral Trumpet, followed by a progressive series of work routines written by Sachs to isolate a variety of building-block elements including intervals, rhythm, articulation, intonation, range, and dynamics. These practice sequences lead the performer to accurate facility and performance, while providing practice strategies that are applicable to excerpts in the companion book and beyond.


When Sachs first self-published The Orchestral Trumpet in 2013, it quickly became the gold standard in trumpet practice pedagogy. Today, this updated comprehensive resource for students and professionals alike is available exclusively from Presser.

This indispensable collection includes a large selection of standard excerpts from 90 orchestral works, with accompanying commentary, practice techniques, performance tips, and historical perspective. A complete guide for preparation, auditions, and concertizing, The Orchestral Trumpet also offers essays on relevant topics such as Baroque and Romantic period performance practice. The volume is further enhanced by Sachs’ audio demonstrations, which total 67 excerpts.

The Orchestral Trumpet is as invaluable today as it has always been for the aspiring student, instructor, or professional player. This is the most comprehensive collection of orchestral excerpts around, and the commentary is like getting a private lesson with Michael Sachs. I use it in my practice room and in my teaching daily: get the book, get better, and get a job!”

—CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, Principal Trumpet, New York Philharmonic

The Orchestral Trumpet is an indispensable tool for every aspiring orchestral trumpet player. For anyone preparing for an audition, this book and recordings are a tool that one cannot NOT own. Michael Sachs is one of the greatest orchestra trumpet players I have ever heard, and his recording of excerpts is 60 minutes of state of the art trumpet playing.

—MARK GOULD, Principal Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Michael Sachs’ volume on orchestral trumpet playing is a model of thoroughness, meticulous study, and artistic expression. His written explanations are the thoughtful result of years of experience as principal trumpet of one of the world’s great orchestras. His attention to detail will help anyone playing these pieces, whether for the first time or the hundredth, and the recorded examples are a gift to us all - trumpet performance on the highest level.

—CHRIS GEKKER, Professor of Trumpet, The University of Maryland

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