Complete Method for The Clarinet

Gustave Langenus (composer)


  • Clarinet in B


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Chart of Fingering
Sustained Tones
Studies on Intervals
Studies in the Clarion Register
Studies between the Chalumeau and Clarion Registers
Rhythmic Studies in 2/4, 3/4, amd 4/4 Time
Duos by Klosé and Berr
Staccato Studies
Studies on Intervals
Studies for the High B and C
Articulation Studies
Rhythmic Studies
Studies for F-sharp fingerings
Rhythmic Studies Duos - By G.L.
Duoa Dotted Notes - By Berr
On Rhythm on Syncopation Duos - By G.L.
Studies for the High D
Rhythmic Studies in 3/8 Time
Studies for the B-flat fingerings
Rhythmic Studies in 6/8 Time
Technical Exercises
Studies for the C-sharp and D-flat Fingerings
On Forte-Piano, Crescendo, and Diminuendo
Theme and Variations, Duo
Studies for the E-flat/D-sharp fingerings, also high F
Duos - by Dancla, Berr
Technical Studies
Studies for the G-sharp/A-flat fingerings, also for key D
Technical Studies
Studies of Crescendi and Diminuendi
Marks of Expression
Studies in Dynamics
On Expression
Duos - by G.L. and Klosé
Technical Studies
Duos - by Berr, Handel, G.L., Pleyel, Spohr, Berr
Syncopation Studies
Duos - by L. Mozart, Campagnoli
On Distorted Rhythms
Duos - by G.L.
Duos - by G.L.
Forte-piano Studies
Sforzando and Accents
Accented eighth notes, dotted notes
Duos - by Berr, Mazas, Weber, Berr, De Beriot
Technical Studies - by Campagnoli, Dancla, A.B. Bruni
Studies for the High F-sharp and G Fingerings
Scale Studies
Chromatic Scale Studies
Technical Studies - by Kreutzer, Grieg
Duos - by Berr, Spohr
Musical Terms
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