Practical Method for The Bassoon

Julius Weissenborn (composer), W. Ambrosio (editor)


  • Bassoon


This classic method book contains a complete fingering chart, duets for the teacher and student, hundreds of exercises including “Fifty Advanced Studies” plus a section about the instrument.
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The Bassoon
Parts of the Bassoon
Assembling the Bassoon
Care of the Bassoon
The Bassoon Reed
The Embouchure
Major and Minor Scales (through one octave): C Major to F-sharp Minor
Major and Minor Scales (through one octave): F Major to G Minor
Major and Minor Scales (through one octave): E-flat Major to A-flat Minor
Practical Exercises: Nos. I to XXV
Practical Exercises: The Tenor Clef
Practical Exercises: Embellishments
Practical Exercises: Exercise No. XXVI
Simple and Varied Diatonic Scales
Scales in All Keys (through the entire range)
List of Principal Words used in Modern Music
Fifty Advanced Studies in All Keys
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