Above the First Position

A Comprehensive and Melodic Approach to the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Positions for the Violin

Marks (composer), Bayly (composer), Brahms (composer), Markwood Holmes (editor), Russell Webber (editor), et al.


  • Violin


This is a comprehensive approach to the second, third, fourth and fifth positions for the violin. Accompanied by detailed notes and instructions for each position, this book is largely devoted to mastering the third position. It builds a foundation for students interested in masterful violin playing and encourages them to study the higher positions further.
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Playing in the Third Posion on the A string
Waltz Steps
Playing on the E string
Marching Practice
On the A and E Strings
String changes, Using the 1st and 2nd Fingers
In Springtime
A Bugler's March
String changes, Using the 1st and 3rd fingers
String changes, Using the 1st and 4th fingers
Scale of D major
The Clown (French Folk Song)
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
First and Third Position Changes
O Come All Ye Faithful
On the D String
Dancing in the Country
Scales and Intervals
On the D String
Dancing in the Country
Scales and Intervals
Belgian Folk Dance
On the G String
French Folk Song
G and D Strings
Theme from Symphony No. 1
Arpeggios (Broken Chords)
Gliding of the Fingers
shifting with the second finger
Drifting Along
Shifting with the third finger
From the Orient
Scales and Arpeggios
Scales and Arpeggios
English Dance
Etude in B Flat
The Diminished Fifth
Shifting with the fourth finger
March Song (Folk Song)
Shifting with different fingers
Siberian Nights
Blue Skies
Shifting with different fingers
March in C
Shifting, as in scales
The Minstrel Boy (Folk Song)
Waltz in D
Change of Positions on same note (Finger Substitution)
Change on the same note, Different strings
1st finger extension
String Changes
Shifting with Change of Bow Using Same Fingers
Shifting with Change of Bow Using Different Fingers
Summer Fancies
Shifting to Harmonics
Alpine Waltz
Shifting to harmonics with the 3rd and 2nd fingers
Other Natural Harmonics
The 2nd position on the A string
On the E, and A and E strings
In Old Paris (Two Folk Songs)
On the D string
Mental Twister
Old English Dance
On the G string
Swiss March
Connecting 1st and 2nd Positions with same finger
Watch Your Steps!
March in C
Chromatics (Half Steps)
Sighing Pines
The Fourth Position
Scale and Arpeggio of D
Long, Long Ago
From the E to the A string
The Wild Rose
Shifting with the same finger
Shifting with different fingers
Scale and Arpeggio in minor
Romance (Old French Song)
Major Scales
Etude Caprice
The Fifth Position
Waltzing in Paris
Shifting between 1st, 3rd, and 5th positions
Cradle Song
D String Study
On the G and D Strings
On the Hike
Short arpeggio Studies
Military March
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