First-Grade Pieces for Harp

Jane Weidensaul (composer), Marcel Grandjany (composer), Marcel Grandjany (arranger)


  • Harp


These easier pieces by Marcel Grandjany are great for beginning students to learn correct harp techniques. For beginners, First-Grade Pieces for Harp starts with one finger of each hand, and only the treble clef. The 17 pieces, composed by Grandjany or Jane Weidensaul, progress up through all four fingers, 2-note chords, and both clefs. Fingerings included. Keys are C, 1 flat, or 1 sharp.
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-2242-1
1 Drum and Bugle
2 Patrol
3 Song
4 A Little Sad
5 The Anvil
6 Just Walking
7 Choral
8 Three O'Clock
9 Treble Clef Song
10 Step by Step
11 Lullaby for Violet
12 Little Waltz
13 Midnight Stars
14 Passing By
15 Barn Dance Memory
16 Melissa
17 El Numero Uno
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