The Progressing Clarinetist

Leon Lester (composer)


  • Clarinet in B


A collection of etudes based on the works of Sigmund Hering, of intermediate difficulty.
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Rudiments of Music
How to Care for the Clarinet
The Reed
The Mouthpiece
The Position of the Hands on the Clarinet
The Playing Position
The Embouchure
Staccati and Attack
Clarinet Fingering Chart
Quarter Notes, Half Notes, Whole and Half Rests
Half-Steps (Chromatic Scale); two short pieces
The Whole Note; three short pieces
Dotted Half Notes; Three Quarter Time; two short pieces
Common Time; two short pieces
Quarter Notes, Scale and Skipwise; one short piece
The Slur; Excercises for the Right and Left small fingers; two short pieces
Alla Breve; Two-Half Time
The Register Change
Eighth Notes; one short piece
Eighth Notes, continued; Eighth Rests; two short pieces
Three-Eighth Time; Mechanisms
Dotted Quarter and Eighth Notes; two short pieces
Three Short solos; one short duet
Chromatic Scales - Broken Chords
Staccato - Attack and Release; one short piece
Studies in G Major; one short duet
Studies in Articulation; one short duet
Six-Eighth Time; two short duets
Studies in F Major; one short duet
Studies in Enharmonic Passages; one short duet
Studies in Intervals; one short duet
Studies in D Major; one short duet
Triplets; one short duet
Sixteenth Notes; two short pieces
Two Duets
Mechanisms in D Major; one short duet
Studies in Bb Major; two short pieces
Nine-Eighth and Twelve-Eight Time; two short pieces
Mechanisms in Bb Major; two short pieces
Studies in A Major
Studies in Crescendo and Decrescendo
Two Duets
Dotted Eighth Notes followed by Sixteenths; two short pieces
Two short duets
Review of Major Scales - Relative Minor Scales
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