Vade Mecum

For The Double Bass

George Vance (author)


  • Double Bass


Wonderful compendium of scales, arpeggios and bowing variations, Vade Mecum, is a manual that will help to greatly enhance the technical dexterity of string bass players. It is a terrific resource of materials for daily practice and pre-performance warm-up exercises.
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-3327-4
Exercises for the Left Hand Alone
One-Octave Scales
Variations for One-Octave Scales
One-Octave Minor Scales
Exercises on the Pivot Movement
Exercises in 4th Position
C Major
Position Survey
Reading Exercise
Exercises for Developng Left-Hand Stamina
G Major
Position Survey
Reading Exercise
F Major
Position Survey
Reading Exercise
Bb Major
Position Survey
Reading Exercise
B Minor
E Minor
G Minor
E Major
Reading Exercise
C Minor
D Major
Position Survey
Reading Exercise
D Minor
F Minor
A Minor
A Major
Reading Exercise
F# Minor
Eb Major
Reading Exercise
Ab Major
Reading Exercise
The Melodic Minor Scale Cycle
Exercises for the Left Hand
Double Stops: 1. Fifths
2. Thirds
3. Fourths
Chromatic Exercises: 1. Two-Octave Chromatic Scales
2. Chromatic Study No. 1
3. Chromatic Study No. 2
Cyclic Exercises: 1. Dominant-Seventh Arpeggios
2. Major Scales
3. Minor-Seventh & Diminshed-Seventh Arpeggios
4. Cycle with Augmented Triads
5. Arpeggio Cycle
Exercises for Learning the Curvature of the Bridge: 1. On Four Strings
2. On Three Strings
3. On Two Strings
6th Position Harmonics
Study of String Crossing
Variations for Two-Octave Scales
Bianco Variation
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