Marga Richter

Complete Works for Solo Piano

Marga Richter (composer)


  • Piano


This collection of Marga Richter’s complete works for solo piano comprises twenty-eight pieces, composed over a period of six decades, from the curiously eccentric Ballet of the Pixilated Penguins of 1944 to the introspective Reverie of 2017. Her works for solo piano present a rich bounty of pieces of great diversity, musically and stylistically. Some pieces are serious, some comical, some lyrical, some energetic. Some are intended for beginners and intermediate players; others specifically focus on the professional concert pianist. Yet what is common to all of these pieces is that they were written with a profound understanding of the instrument; Marga herself was an accomplished pianist, who had studied in her youth with the renowned Rosalyn Tureck at the Juilliard School of Music. Humor, wit, seriousness, and originality make this catalog a unique and rewarding addition to the pianist's collection.
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