A Christmas Memory

Suite from the opera for Orchestra

Samuel Jones (composer)
Flute 1, Flute 2 (Piccolo), Oboe 1, Oboe 2 (Englis...
Score and Parts
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A Christmas Memory is one of Truman Capote?s most famous and beloved stories, a tender, delicate tale of great lyric beauty. The charming and moving story, which is autobiographical, tells of the author?s last Christmas as a boy of seven with his elderly distant cousin, who is his ?best friend in the whole wide world.? This story was sensitively adapted for television by Eleanor Perry, and the resulting screenplay, starring Geraldine Page, won the Peabody and many other awards as well as a large and devoted audience. With the blessing of both Mr. Capote and Ms. Perry, Samuel Jones has given the work yet another transformation, this time as an opera, in which the music itself provides much of the emotional tone lent by the narration of the story and the rich pictorial detail of the film production.
Ensemble: Full Orchestra
Duration: 17:00
Publisher: Campanile Music Press
Delivery Method: Print
Product Type: Score and Parts
I. Prelude
II. It's Christmas Weather
III. Pecan Gatherers' Little March
IV. Best Friends in the Whole Wide World
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