Prelude to Brass Playing

Rafael Méndez (author), Edward Gibney (author)


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Teachers, parents, students and players of all ages and levels will find important information and great insight into brass playing from one of the world’s greatest practitioners of the trumpet, Rafael Méndez, in this book. Produced in collaboration with noted brass educator Edward Gibney, this guide is written in an inviting style that will inspire, inform and clarify. This thorough text covers proper care of one’s instrument, breathing, embouchure, intonation, registration, and much more. Everything a brass player needs to know in one comprehensive book!
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Preface by Michael Sachs
Initiation into Music
Chapter 1: You and This Book
Chapter 8: Breathing
Chapter 3: Embouchure Training
Chapter 4: Embouchure Training: 1st Week-Preparing the Lips
Chapter 5: Embouchure Training: 2nd Week-Mouthpiece Practice
Chapter 6: The Instrument
Chapter 7: Embouchure Training: 3rd Week-Instrument Practice
Chapter 8: Reading Music
Chapter 9: Intonation
Chapter 10: Tone Development
Chapter 11: Register Development
The Road to Success
Appendix 1: A Brief History of Brass Instrument
Appendix 2: Transposition
Appendix 3: Teacher and Pupil
Appendix 4: Letter to Parents
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