Prelude to Brass Playing

Rafael Méndez (author), Edward Gibney (author)


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Accompanied: Unaccompanied Solo
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-5656-3
Preface by Michael Sachs
Initiation into Music
Chapter 1: You and This Book
Chapter 8: Breathing
Chapter 3: Embouchure Training
Chapter 4: Embouchure Training: 1st Week-Preparing the Lips
Chapter 5: Embouchure Training: 2nd Week-Mouthpiece Practice
Chapter 6: The Instrument
Chapter 7: Embouchure Training: 3rd Week-Instrument Practice
Chapter 8: Reading Music
Chapter 9: Intonation
Chapter 10: Tone Development
Chapter 11: Register Development
The Road to Success
Appendix 1: A Brief History of Brass Instrument
Appendix 2: Transposition
Appendix 3: Teacher and Pupil
Appendix 4: Letter to Parents
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