The Clarinet in the Attic

20 Short Recital and Study Pieces for the Intermediate Player

John Walker (composer), Michael Walsh (editor)


  • Clarinet in B
Full Score; Book with CD or DVD
Based on the cinematic idea of a curious child climbing up to the attic and discovering a jumble of boxes, trunks, old clothes, and a long neglected instrument, this collection of short recital and study pieces evokes the spirit of musical discovery. Composed by John Walker, these new pieces are specially designed for the intermediate-level musician. Available for Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone.
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Rose Colored Glasses
Robot Boy
Last Dance
Bus Ride in Budapest
Monster Mask
Army Cap
Alone in the Attic
Crystal Ornament
Father’s First Invention
Little Rondeau
Ghost in the Window
Ticket to California
Ship In a Bottle
On a Black Hills Trail
Hurry, Run!
Postcard from Yellowstone
Moth Ball
Is It Morning?
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