Melodious Etudes for Saxophone

Selected from the Vocalises of Marco Bordogni

Marco Bordogni (composer), Sean O'Loughlin (arranger), Larry Clark (arranger), Larry Clark (editor), Sean O'Loughlin (editor)


  • Saxophone


Marco Bordogni (1788–1856), a celebrated tenor of the early 19th century, wrote these vocalises during his later career as a teacher of singing. Transcribed and adapted by Joannes Rochut in three books, they became a cornerstone of the Trombone repertoire. Larry Clark and Sean O’Loughlin have chosen fifty-four of the most tuneful and expressive studies that fit the idiosyncrasies of the flute, clarinet and saxophone and presented them in a logical pedagogical sequence from etudes in the easiest keys and simplest rhythms to the more challenging and elaborate studies that occur later in the books Melodious Etudes for Clarinet, Melodious Etudes for Flute and Melodious Etudes for Saxophone are certain to become standard supplemental collections for the teaching of musicianship to wind players.
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No.1 Moderato
No.2 Allegro
No.3 Allegretto
No.4 Andante
No.5 Andantino
No.6 Andante cantabile
No.7 Andante cantabile
No.8 Allegretto grazioso
No.9 Andante cantabile
No.10 Andante sostenuto
No.15 Andante cantabile
No.12 Allegro moderato
No.13 Andante pastorale
No.14 Andante cantabile
No.15 Andante con moto
No.16 Andante
No.17 Moderato
No.18 Allegro
No.19 Allegro
No.20 Andantino
No.21 Allegro
No.22 Allegretto
No.23 Allegro Moderato
No.24 Andante cantabile
No.25 Andante
No.26 Allegro
No.27 Allegro
No.28 Allegro moderato
No.29 Allegretto
No.30 Allegro
No.31 Andante cantabile
No.32 Maestoso
No.33 Andante
No.34 Allegro
No.35 Allegro
No.36 Allegretto grazioso
No.37 Andantino
No.38 Cantabile
No.39 Larghetto
No.40 Andantino
No.41 Allegro
No.42 Allegro
No.43 Andante
No.44 Valse lente
No.45 Andantino cantabile
No.46 Allegretto
No.47 Larghetto
No.48 Allegro
No.49 Allegro moderato
No.50 Cantabile
No.51 Allegro
No.52 Cantabile
No.53 Andante cantabile
No.54 Andante sostenuto
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