Okefenokee: Land of Trembling Earth

R. Alan Carter (composer)
Flute, Oboe (Flute 2 (opt.)), Clarinet 1 in B, Cl...


Named Land of the Trembling Earth because the peat bog, which floats on water, moves when walked upon, the Okefenokee Swamp is a natural wonder.  Starting mysteriously with a full-band sound, moving through a middle section with a flute or recorder solo that depicts the life of the early inhabitants, and ending with a spirited dance that features woodwind runs, brass countermelodies and  thunderous timpani and bass drum parts, this unique composition offers performers the chance to perform a programmatic work that will challenge and entertain at the same time.  
Ensemble: Concert Band
Grade: 2.5
Duration: 3:35
Tempo: q = 84, q = 60, q = 140
Dedication: Written for the Ware County Band Program
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Series: Young Band (YPS)
Product Type: Score and Parts
UPC: 6-80160-91674-0
ISBN: 978-1-4911-5814-2
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