Mixed Ensembles

  1. Celtic Octet
    Celtic Octet
    Kazimierz Machala
    Clarinet in B, Horn in F, Bassoon, Violin 1, Viol...
  2. The Star-Spangled Banner
    The Star-Spangled Banner
    Standard Binding (W2695):$29.99
    Digital (W2695D):$20.99
    Download (W2695D-PDF):$29.99
    John Stafford Smith, Sean O'Loughlin (arr.)
    Horn 1 in F, Horn 2 in F, Horn 3 in F, Horn 4 in F...
  3. Coriolan Overture, Op. 62
    Coriolan Overture, Op. 62
    Score and Parts (MXE220):$48.00
    Download (MXE220D-PDF):$48.00
    Ludwig van Beethoven, Martin Bresnick (arr.)
    Clarinet in B, Trombone, Timpani, Piano, Violin, ...
  4. Juliet at her Window
    Juliet at her Window
    Standard Binding (MXE109):$65.00
    Digital (MXE109D):$45.50
    Download (MXE109D-PDF):$65.00
    Flute, Clarinet in B, Violin, Violoncello, Sopran...
  5. A Certain Slant of Light
    A Certain Slant of Light
    Score and Parts (WE21):$70.00
    Full Score (WE21FD-PDF):$31.99
    Full Score (WE21F):$31.99
    Trumpet 1 in C (Flugelhorn), Trumpet 2 in C, Tromb...
  6. My Life On The Plains
    My Life On The Plains
    Full Score (MXE31FD-PDF):$38.99
    Full Score (MXE31F):$38.99
    Set of Parts (MXE31M):$150.00
    Clarinet in B, Bass Clarinet in B, Violin, Viola...
  7. Those Were The Days
    Those Were The Days
    Score and Parts (CY2854):$19.99
    Full Score (CY2854F):$75.00
  8. Sein
    John King
    Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass, Flute, Al...
  9. Concertare V
    Concertare V
    Score and Parts (FE125):$90.00
    Full Score (FE125S):$32.99
    Verne Reynolds
  10. Pigs and Fishes
    Pigs and Fishes
    Clarinet in B, Bassoon, Percussion, Piano, Violin...
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