Pan Penseroso

for 2 Flutes and Piano (Version 4)

Martin Bresnick (composer), Ransom Wilson (composer)


  • Flute 1
  • Flute 2
  • Piano
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Written for master flutist Robert Dick, Pan Penseroso includes a number of procedures explored in his pioneering book The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques. Originally written for one flute, Bresnick created a two-flute version in order to make the piece accessible to a greater variety of players. This work is presented in three movements, each of which takes their titles from John Milton’s poem Il Penseroso (The Contemplative Man). The music aligns itself with this response to the poets earlier L’Allegro (The Cheerful Man). Orchestra version available on rental. Dur.: 24’
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Tempo: q = 96
Dedication: Dedicated to Robert Dick
Commission Notice: Commissioned by the National Flute Association, Inc.
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Product Type: Score and Parts
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-8527-3
1. The Noise of Folly
2. Prophetic Strain
3. More Is Meant (Than Meets the Ear)
Cadenza to Movement 1
Cadenza to Movement 3
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