Mixed Trios

  1. Just in Time
    Just in Time
    Standard Binding (MXE274):$28.99
    Digital (MXE274D):$28.99
    Clarinet in A, Guitar, Cello
  2. Angles for Piano Trio
    Angles for Piano Trio
    Standard Binding (MXE112):$36.99
    Digital (MXE112D):$25.89
    Download (MXE112D-PDF):$36.99
    Piano Trio
  3. Mother Popcorn Revisited
    Mother Popcorn Revisited
    Standard Binding (MXE111):$40.00
    Digital (MXE111D):$28.00
    Piano Trio
  4. And I Always Thought
    And I Always Thought
    Standard Binding (MXE71):$33.99
    Digital (MXE71D):$20.99
    Download (MXE71D-PDF):$33.99
    Clarinet in A, Violin, Piano
  5. Book of Memory
    Book of Memory
    Score and Parts (MXE51D-PDF):$90.00
    Score and Parts (MXE51):$90.00
    Full Score (MXE51F):$39.99
    Flute, Viola, Harp
  6. Sonate pour Flûte, Alto, et Harpe
    Sonate pour Flûte, Alto, et Harpe
    Score and Parts (MXE46):$45.00
    Large Score (MXE46L):$40.00
    Claude Debussy, Carl Swanson (ed.)
    Flute, Viola, Harp
  7. Horizons
    Violoncello, Piano, Vibraphone, Cowbell (Small), 3...
  8. Songs of Parting
    Songs of Parting
    Standard Binding (MXE39):$39.99
    Digital (MXE39D):$24.99
    Download (MXE39D-PDF):$39.99
    Baritone, Percussion, Guitar
  9. Pan Penseroso
    Pan Penseroso
    Standard Binding (W2651):$20.99
    Digital (W2651D):$24.49
    Download (W2651D-PDF):$34.99
    Martin Bresnick, Ransom Wilson
    Flute 1, Flute 2, Piano
  10. The Muse Of Distraction
    The Muse Of Distraction
    Standard Binding (MXE19):$17.99
    Digital (MXE19D):$20.99
    Download (MXE19D-PDF):$29.99
    Joshua Green
    Clarinet in B, Violoncello, Piano
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